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Kastaneの2021年春夏のテーマは、“Adorkable youth, onece again.”「ちょっぴりダサくて愛らしい僕らの青春よ、もう一度」。今回のシーズンカタログでは1名のアーティストに、このテーマをもとに自由に表現をしていただきました。

2021.03.15AOI YOSHIDA(Kastane Press)




Maricor / Maricar

Maricor/Maricar are a design and illustration sister creative team specialising in hand embroidered and tactile graphics. Their illustration and animation work has exhibited locally and internationally. They’re awards include a RYD award from the British Council Australia and a Young Guns Award by the Art Directors Club based in New York.


マリコ / マリカはデザインとイラストレーションをクリエイティブ・チームで手作りの刺繍や手触りのグラフィックデザインを行っています。イラストレーションやアニメーションの作品は彼女達の地元であるオーストラリアを初めとして世界中で展示されています。オーストラリアのブリティッシュ・カウンシルにてRYD賞を受賞した他、NYのアートディレクターズクラブにおいてYoung Guns Awardを受賞しています。








1.When did you start making art? And what was the trigger?
制作を始めたのはいつですか? そのきっかけはなんですか?


-We’ve always enjoyed creating things with our hands and are very visual people. In high school we had a great art teacher that introduced us to comic books and illustration which enabled us to see ourselves creating a different type of art that didn’t necessarily hang on a gallery wall.



2.Was there any cue got you to decide making art in embroidery? or reason why you chose embroidery as a material to work on?


-Our first project with embroidery was an animated music video we created while working as designers/animators. We have always enjoyed working with hand generated illustrations and the idea came up in the studio to try something different and create the illustrations for the animation with embroidery. We loved the idea so we taught ourselves how to do embroidery while we were animating the video clip. We realized how perfectly embroidery combined our love of colour, texture and analog techniques and knew we wanted to continue experimenting with it.



3.What is your motivation and also what would you like to tell your audience through your creation of your work?


-Playfulness and tongue in cheek phrases inspire our work. We hope people see our work and feel a bit of joy.



4.Is there any life-time theme for your creation?


-A lot of our embroidered pieces focus on pattern and texture, we like that embroidery is very dimensional and like to create works that highlight the thread.



5. What inspires you to create work?


-We’re just really obsessed with colour and texture and like to experiment with mark making using needle and thread, seeing how far we can exploit the medium… can we make a piece that needs light and shadow to be seen? Or can we use the reverse of the embroidery that’s usually hidden to write a message.



6. We are aware that you two work as a unit. Is it fun to work on piece together? On the other hand, is there any challenge?


-The creative process is fun as a duo, we have someone else to bounce ideas off and push the design into unexpected places. Sometimes we have literally had to sew together on the same piece of cloth when we have to meet a tough deadline. Those occasions are rare but we have to be careful to not stab each other with the needle.



7. What would you like to challenge next within your work?


-We would love to be more ambitious with scale and work on large wall hangings but embroidery is a very time consuming process so we have to be creative using new techniques. It’s exciting knowing that there is always more to learn.



8. For you two, what is the fun bits of Spring Fashion?


-Bursts of colour and the more playful tone of Spring. Being able to clash bright patterns.



9. The seasonal concept of the Kastane is “Adorkable our Youth, once again”.
Kastane team is willing to ask how you think of “Youth” in relation to cloth.
Kastaneの今季のシーズンテーマが、“Adorkable our Youth, once again.”「ちょっぴりダサくて愛らしい僕らの青春よ、もう一度」なのですが、マリコマリカさんの考える「青春」とはどんな瞬間だと思いますか?


-Loud colours and clashing prints.






1.What’s your favorite color?
Maricor: Yellow 黄色
Maricar: yellow 黄色
2.What makes you smile?
Maricor: Children 子供
Maricar: food 食べ物
3.Where would you go right now if you can?
Maricor: Bed ベッド
Maricar: adventure 冒険
4. If you start something new, what would you like to start?
Maricor: Ceramics 陶器
Maricar: shop お店
5.What did you had for breakfast today?
Maricor: Scrambled eggs スクランブルエッグ
Maricar: yoghurt ヨーグルト

6. When do you feel sad?


Maricor: Endings エンディング
Maricar: reading (the end of a good book) 良い本の読書の最終章



7.What makes you relax?


Maricor: Gardening ガーデニング
Maricar: reading 読書



8. What’s playful-ness for you?


Maricor: Colour 色
Maricar: colour 色



9. What time do you like the most in a day?


Maricor: Coffee break コーヒーブレイク
Maricar: morning tea 朝のお茶



10. If you express your work in one word.


Maricor: Time-consuming 時間をかけている
Maricar: detailed 詳細



11. If you will have a life as an animal, what animal will you be?


Maricor: Ladybird てんとう虫
Maricar: Elephant 象



12. What do you normally think before you sleep?


Maricor: Nothing 何も考えない
Maricar: Love (my partner and I always say I love you before we sleep, very cheesy!)


Thank you!



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